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Refund Policy

Returns, Refunds and Exchanges!

In the event you are not satisfied with your purchase from iPadHUT.co.uk we'd like the opportunity to make you happy!

If you are not satisfied with an item purchased from iPadHUT.co.uk then you are welcome to return the item within 7 days of receipt for it to be exchanged for another appealing product from our extensive catalogue. Additional charges may apply should the alternative product be more expensive than the original. In all cases our sales team will happily work with you to ensure your experience with iPadHUT.co.uk is a positive one and that you get great accessories for your iPad.

Refunds will only be considered if an item is faulty. If you believe your circumstances and need for a refund are exceptional then please email sales@ipadhut.co.uk

Faulty Product Refunds:
You may return any faulty item within 14 days of receipt of the item for a full refund of the cost of that item. 
Refunds are processed promptly and we will not question the refund request if we receive it within 14 days of it being delivered to you. 

To receive an exchange or refund please post the unwanted item with appropriate correspondence to our Returns Office:

Awesome Shops Ltd
78 York Street, London, W1H 1DP

As iPadHUT.co.uk offers free delivery for all UK customers - we are not in a position to cover the postage expense on the return of purchases.

If you need any further assistance please just send us an email to sales@ipadhut.co.uk and we will help you out.
Please also feel at liberty to read the following regarding cancellations and online trading from the UK government.