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Choose a keyboard from our wide collection to free up some space on your iPad screen. We have fantastic fold-up keyboard cases and cable-free wireless keyboards which allow you to type anywhere within range. For those of you who worry about scratching your iPad’s high-resolution display whilst tapping or scrolling, take a look at our amazing selection of stylus pens. iPad Keyboards & Stylus It is now possible to create a MacBook Air style iPad with the addition of any one of the iPad keyboards & stylus accessories. The iPad keyboards & stylus accessories boast a wide range of equipment, all of which will enhance the way you use your iPad. The iPad 3-stylus elite pen is one such accessory that claims to offer an accurate stylus pen, especially designed for the iPad 3. This ultra fine, ballpoint pen is made from only the highest quality materials in order to ensure it won’t damage your iPad in the process. The elite model pen also comes complete with an extended long life ink cartridge. Those that intend to both email and surf the web for extended periods of time can now do so in the upmost comfort. The contoured grip has been designed with the consumer’s ergonomics in mind. The iPad 3 leather keyboard case is one of the most sought after iPad accessories today. The keyboard has been created in order to work in a flawless manner and as such, offers a perfect fit. The device is not only easy to use; it is also easy to charge and clean. This high quality keyboard can be purchased from the iPad Hut for a small price of £39.95. Those that intend to use their iPad at a desk may wish to look into the iPad 3 white wireless keyboards. This exact model can be used just about anywhere due to the inbuilt high-end Bluetooth technology. Those that wish to can even use their iPad 3 a total of 30 feet away from their iPad. The compact design is possibly the best selling feature of this exact accessory and as such, the iPad 3 white wireless keyboards boasts to take up only a small amount of room on your desk. The responsive keys and low profile design make for ease of use when you type, meaning lengthy emails and in depth are now no longer a chore. The keyboard features are extremely similar to that of a Mac computer keyboard and as such, showcase the same shortcuts. This allows the user to adopt the function keys for one touch access. This will allow them to change the volume, eject a device, play a song, pause a song and alter the brightness of the iPad.