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iPad Stands & Docking

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Give your arms a rest with one of our fabulous iPad stands. Perfect for watching videos, viewing pictures, or playing games, our iPad stands hold your iPad upright and stable so you don’t have to. Have a look through our marvellous collection of iPad stands and get the most out of your iPad today. 

Those that travel occasionally or alternatively use their iPad during the likes of a long commute may wish to invest in devices such as iPad stands and docking. 

Some accessories come in the form of the iPad flexible stand, the generic iPad stand, the iPad 2 rotating hard leather case and stand, the iPad 2 foldable case and stand, the iPad 2 dock, the iPad X-shaped holder and the iPad secure back security case. All of the above are extremely popular assets to those that own an iPad.

The iPad flexible stands boasts a portable, lightweight stand that is ideal for holding your iPad upright in any position. This exact stand comes in a sleek design and boasts to enhance the viewer’s experience.

The innovative and flexible technology behind this accessory allows the user to adjust the stand in order to suit their exact position. Those that often read emails or iBooks on their device can set the stand to an upright view and those that prefer web browsing can place the stand at a lower angle.

Many of the available iPad stands and docking systems are easily transportable and as such, come in a streamlined design. Folding the stand up will allow the user to slide it into the front pocket of a bag or case. The iPad flexible stand is priced at just £24.95 and boasts to be the perfect companion to your techno tablet. 

Other iPad stands and docking systems worth taking a look at include the iPad 2 foldable case and stand. Not only does this structure boast to protect your iPad, it also allows the user to view images, watch movies and read emails with ease. When the iPad isn’t in use, simple fold the casing over the front of the scree. A quick flip of the cover will allow you to stand the iPad upright when in use.

This stable and portable stand is the perfect buy for those wanting the best of both worlds, whether you intend to watch movies or view lecture material. The synthetic leather can be cleaned with ease and the lightweight material doesn’t sacrifice the look and feel of the actual iPad.

Those looking for their very own personal hub need look no further than the iPad 2 dock. This efficient yet robust docking solution offers   a strong, stable and stylish space to both sync and charge your iPad. At a price of just £14,95, this is an affordable and convenient accessory