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iPad Connection Kits

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Connect your iPad to cameras, TVs, stereos, and more with a superb connection kit or cable from our fantastic selection. Extremely easy to use, our connection devices will have you transferring data to and from your iPad within seconds. For those of you who remain unconvinced, we’ll let our miniscule price tags do the rest. 

The all-new iPad has defeated the impossible and as such, houses an array of new and exciting features.

Such features are however only made possible by the likes of a certain number of innovative accessories.

Connecting your iPad to the likes of TV's, cameras and stereos is now very much a possibility. A series of iPad connection kits and cables are readily available to those that choose to push their iPad to the limit.

Such devices boast to be extremely easy to use an as such, allow you to transfer data too and from your iPad within seconds. The iPad 3 2-1-connection kit is one such accessory that shouldn't go unnoticed. At a price of below £20, this handy kit boasts to extend your iPad to both a USB interface and an SD reader within a matter or minutes.

iPad fans that love to get snap happy will more than likely enjoy such a device. Transferring pictures from your camera to your iPad has never been easier. Those that do so will be met with a highly recognisable retina display. Such a device allows you to share a world of memories with both family and friends.

Those that wish to display a recently created slide show to an audience can now do so with ease, this could be a number of holiday snaps or alternatively a business or school presentation.

Once you connect the device to your iPad, the software will automatically open up the photo app, this will then allow you to choose which photos to import and which to discard of. This is a save timing method that avoids sifting through every photo stored on your camera.

Other connection devices worth checking out include the iPad backup battery. This is a great option for those that wish to travel with their iPad. Long and tedious journeys often mean over use. Whilst on the move, there are often few places to charge up your device, which is where the iPad back-up battery comes into play.

iPad connection kits similar to the above allow the user to connect a power source to their tablet as and when they please, making up for hours of fun and entertainment.

All of the mentioned accessories and iPad connection kits are readily available online and can be sourced at the ipadhut website. Simply visit the store today in order to browse the many available options.