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Effortlessly connect your iPad to the device of your choice with our massive selection of cables and connectors. Whether you want to play music through external speakers, import photos from your digital camera, or show videos to an audience on your TV, we can make it happen. Browse through our wide range of easy to use and affordable cables and connectors and get your iPad connected today. 

The iPad has come along way since its first introduction to the market. The new generation of iPads boast to do so much more than that of their predecessors. Improvements such as a connector dock mean that users are able to attach a series of iPad cables and connectors to their device.

This comes as great news to those that wish to attach the likes of a mini microphone, an iPad 2 docking system or an iPad data cable to their accessory.

There are in fact assortments of iPad cables and connectors to choose from, some of which include the iPad retractable data cable, the infamous headphones complete with a microphone and a controller, the iPad 2 5-in-1-camera connection devices, the iPad 2-in-1 camera kit, USB and SD card reader and the iPad AV cable.

Those that wish to use their iPad on the go, such as in a car, may wish to invest in the iPad FM transmitter. Such a device allows the budding music fan to enter into a world of top-taste music. Those that are lucky enough to own such an accessory will be able to listen to any stored music, either in a car or alternatively anywhere near an FM radio.

The FM transmitter boasts great audio and ease of use. Simply link the device to an FM radio and soak up the sounds.

At a price of just £19.95, this particular connector is certainly worthwhile checking out.

The iPad headphones complete with camera controller boast to house both a mic and a remote control. They also offer a high quality audio experience, just what the music fanatic ordered.

The state-of-the-art control capsule is made up of a total of three buttons, all of which allow the user to adjust the volume, control video playback and alternate between tracks. Such a device comes as great news to those well acquainted with the likes of Skype, FaceTime and conference calls.

Those wishing to connect other devices to their iPad will be pleased to learn of the iPad extra long data cable. This exact cable is compatible with an array of other Apple products and as such, can be used to connect the iPhone and the iPod.

Such an accessory acts as a great way to transfer both music and data to and from the likes of your MAC, your PC, your iPhone or your iPod.