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Compact, light, and with great battery lives, iPads were made to be carried around. Ensure your iPad is protected and comfortable to carry with one of the incredible bags we have on offer. Not only will your iPad be safe and effortless to transport, it will also look amazing. Make sure to check out our iPad tote bag, it’s a fantastic piece you can only find here at iPad Hut. 

There are an array of iPad bags and covers available, all of which boast the upmost protection. Some of the most sought after accessories come in the shape of the iPad protective sock, the iPad tablet bag, the iPad tote bag, the iPad headrest car mount and the iPad soft jacket case. 

These bags are suited to those that usually carry their iPad around in another bag. You may also carry the likes of keys, money and pens around in such a bag. Such items can often cause scratches to the screen.

Investing the likes of soft iPad protective sock will still allow you to carry the iPad around in another bag, it will also however allow you to protect it without hassle.

Many of the above cases are currently on sale at the iPad hut, meaning there is even more reason to invest in such a device. With prices starting from as little as £8.95, there is no excuse not to keep you iPad in tip-top condition.

The iPad protective sock is a great option for iPad fanatics that wish to keep their iPad both safe and clean. The cotton casing is soft to touch and doesn’t enhance the size of the iPad greatly. Another quality attached to such an accessory is the fact that it is dust-resistant, impact protective and also tear resistant.

The nature of the cotton means the casing moulds to the iPad, simply slide the device inside and retrieve it when you need too.

Another similar style in the iPad bags and covers collection comes in the shape of the iPad tablet bag, the only difference being the shape; which is more rounded, and the zip fastening.

The iPad headrest and car mount is a great tool for those that wish to use their iPad as a travel device, such as a satnav or Tom Tom. With so many apps available and Google Maps already installed, this exact device is the budding traveller’s perfect companion.

The iPad bags and covers are a must for any one that owns an iPad or tablet. With so many styles and innovative styles available, you can guarantee to find something to suit both your style and your needs.

The soft jacket case even features a nifty red fastening feature, which adds a little colour to an otherwise professional yet stylish looking iPad bag.