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Here at iPadHut we cater for all your iPad needs. Cases, screen protectors, speakers, and more; there’s nothing your iPad wants that we don’t have. So go ahead, explore our wide range of accessories and pimp your iPad today. 

The iPad is a sleek gadget and those lucky enough to own one, will more than likely desire an accessory to match up to such a device.

Thankfully there is a range of equally attractive accessories out there, some of which include the likes of smart covers, rotating cases, chargers, headphones, 2-1 connection kits, keyboards, foldable cases and transmitters.

All of the above are both stylish yet practical must-haves. Whilst some of the accessories boast to provide protection to the iPad, others tend to push the boat out in simple and bizarre ways.

The iPad smart covers were probably the first iPad accessories to be released, despite this, they are still going strong. This affordable yet stylish cover suits the third generation of iPads and is available online for just £22.95. Such an accessory is certainly the most enjoyable and colourful way to protect your iPads screen from scratches, chips and bashes.

The smart covers are extremely easy to use and due to a magnetic hinge, they snap perfectly into place every time. Another desirable feature of the smart case comes in the shape of a sleep mechanism. Simply close the case in order to send the device to sleep and as such, save battery life in the long-run.

Those that wish to invest in something a little more robust may prefer the iPad 3 white rotating cases. Such an accessory is a great tool for those on the move. Not only does it allow for the upmost protection, it also boasts a free standing mechanism. Such a mechanism allows users to watch movies, create presentations and utilise business software with ease.

An iPad screen protector is another must-have iPad accessory. A damaged screen is probably the last thing on your mind and as such, there should be no compromises on quality when it comes to such an accessory.

The first generation of iPads may have been lacking in a USB connectivity device, this is however no longer the case. With the iPad 3 Camera Connection Kit, users can now connect both an SD card reader and a USB interface to their enviable device. This is certainly the number one iPad accessory for all iPad users and as such, allows any one individual to import photos straight from their SD card. Those that like to get snap happy on their iPhone can connect such a device using the same piece of equipment.