iPad, Your best friend

Posted October 19 2012

An iPad to some is a companion, a PA and most importantly, a form of mobile entertainment. It’s a little bigger than the iPhone yet still light enough to travel with.

Such a device reminds us of birthdays, appointments and addresses. If we are lost - it will plan a new route, if we are bored – it will entertain us.

With so many applications available, the iPad is home to a world of amusement and enjoyment. The display for one thing showcases photos like never before. The screen is therefore probably the single most compelling thing about the all-new iPad. This is especially the case for those that enjoy getting snap happy. Apple has in fact stated that the current iPad screen boasts more pixels than a HDTV.

Dictation appears on the new iPad in the shape of a personal PA, remember to do the important things in life is no longer a chore.

Faster Internet access on the new iPad allows for faster and more dominant video streaming. Such videos are said to be a joy to view on the iPads’ mega-pixel screen. Colours, clarity and crispness are just a few of the factors to expect.

The application store inbuilt onto the iPad is one of the reasons many choose to buy such a device. As well as the sophisticated looks, the iPad boasts a huge number of activities. Some of which come in the form of music apps, photo editing software, video devices and games.

The Apple App Store has some of the best apps out there, which makes the iPad the go-to device for an array of tech-minded individuals. The majority of these apps are free, whilst others may cost a few pound.

Whilst the iPad may not be enough to persuade you to finally get rid of your computer, it’s certainly getting there. At one time, it was seen as a chore to edit photos and videos on the iPad, this is however no longer the case. With a new iMovie and iPhoto application on the cards, the iPad is fast becoming the budding photographer’s best friend.